Sunday, December 10, 2023

YouTube Music can now show real-time lyrics on your Samsung phone – do phone


The most popular music streaming apps on Android—Apple Music and Spotify—have had the ability to show real-time lyrics for quite some time now. YouTube Music, however, lacks this crucial feature. It is capable of showing only static lyrics that you need to scroll by yourself. Well, that’s changing today. Google is rolling out an update to YouTube Music for Android brings adds real-time lyrics to the music streaming app.

The new feature highlights the line that’s being played at that point in time by changing its color to white, increasing the text size (and line spacing) and muting the background. As you might expect, it also scrolls lyrics automatically. All in all, real-time lyrics in YouTube Music look more or less the same as they do in Apple Music and Spotify.

Last year, Google partnered with MusixMatch, and soon after that, the company started testing real-time lyrics in the YouTube Music app for Google TV/Android TV, and now, it is finally available for Android and iOS. So far, only a few users have received the update that enables real-time lyrics on Android. However, you can expect a wider rollout in the coming weeks.

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