Saturday, December 2, 2023

Samsung S23 Ultra big camera update coming: this is the problem it will fix – do phone


The Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to get another big camera update that will address one of the most annoying camera issues that has plagued this otherwise excellent shooter from the beginning.

Industry insider @UniverseIce reveals that Samsung will finally get rid of the HDR effect artifacts that you can see with S23 Ultra photos in the next firmware update.
You can clearly see those halos around each of the flowers in what is clearly bad attempt at HDR, and we have seen this kind of an issue often on photos coming out of the Galaxy S23.

Just as a reminder, the Galaxy S23 series received a big camera update in April, so chances are this next firmware update is not going to arrive very soon. We still don’t know when the HDR-fixing firmware update is supposed to land, but our guess would be on a waiting time of at least a month.

Galaxy S24 Ultra camera rumors appear

The Galaxy S23 Ultra still remains probably the most versatile smartphone camera out there as it come with four cameras on the back, including two zoom cameras, while most competitors only have a single zoom camera.

This allows the S23 Ultra to have unprecedented zoom range as its 3X zoom lens covers closer zoom levels, while the 10X zoom allows you to get amazing quality at longer ranges.

Whether this would happen or not, some users have argued that Samsung should have really perfected the camera on its flagship from the get-go and users should not have to wait for months for such a fix.

Have you noticed the HDR issue on your Galaxy S23 Ultra and is it bothering you?

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