Monday, December 4, 2023

Pick up the unbeatable Surface Pro 9 for a massive $300 off – do phone

Apple and Samsung’s latest high-end tablets are pretty powerful but if you need a portable device with the capabilities of a desktop computer, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is the right choice. Like other premium hybrid tablets, it isn’t exactly affordable, but Amazon has the 16GB/512GB model on sale for a huge discount, making this the perfect time to pick one up.
The variant on sale is powered by the Intel Evo i7 processor. It’s speedy and efficient for typical use cases such as browsing multiple internet tabs, working on Google Docs, editing images, content consumption, and, of course, office or school work.

Unlike the iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab slates, the Surface Pro 9 doesn’t run a tablet operating system or an amped-up smartphone operating system. It runs Windows 11 Home and offers full support for all types of software. You won’t feel constricted when working on it and you will be able to use the complete versions of your favorite programs.

The device also has more ports than the iPad Pro and it comes with a removable storage drive.

The Surface Pro 9 has a large 13 inches screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz for buttery smooth animations. It lasts up to 15.5 hours, so you’ll still have some juice left after a whole day at work.

The cameras are up to snuff by tablet standards and the device also supports face unlock. For the best experience, you will want to buy stylus and keyboard accessories, but the device does have a built-in kickstand which is great for adjusting it to different angles.

In short, if you need a compact, portable two-in-one tablet with lots of power, long battery life, and a proper operating system, the Surface Pro 9 is a no-brainer. The 16GB/512GB model which usually costs $1,899.99 is a massive $300 off. 

If you don’t want that much RAM and storage, you should check out the slightly less powerful Intel Evo i5 variant with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It retails for $1,099.99 but Amazon has currently marked it down by $140.

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